Why do parents love Bebilica Animals?

  • Controlled content intended exclusively for the education of children
  • 100% ad-free
  • The application is available in English and 5 other languages
  • It encourages creativity, interest and attention in children
  • Unburdened and proud that the child uses the phone completely safely


Educational content

Child development

Exclusively for children


Why do kids love Bebilica Animals?

  • Occupied attention and a smile on their face
  • The child recognises and imitates learned animals
  • Carefully chosen colors, sounds, images of animals and nature
  • Inspired by children’s desire to learn through play and fun
  • The animal world in one place

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Bebilica Animals

Education of the youngest through play











Learning the first animals with Bebilica

Bebilica Animals is an educational app that teaches and introduces a child to the animal world in a fun way through interaction. The application is specially made for children aged 2+ and is the perfect choice for modern, fun and smart learning of a child.

Animals (classroom)

Introducing the child to animals from all over the world. The child will learn what animals look like, how they sound like, where they live and what animals are called. Animal shapes, colors and ambience are specially adapted for small children for easier recognition and better learning.

Quiz (knowledge test)

Fun knowledge quiz. After the child gets acquainted with the animals, he can check the acquired knowledge through a simple quiz where the main goal is to guess where the required animal is.

  • Levels:

We feel that love

Our commitment and your trust have led to the fact that from the very beginning, the Animals application has excellent ratings and reviews. Thank you for that!

Petar Jovanović

Pustio sam klincu iz dosade i moram reci da sam se iznenadio kako ga je aplikacija nakon 10 minuta izazvala da imitira macu i kokosku. Svaka cast.

Tamara Backovic

Odlicna zanimacija za malisane. Aplikacija je laka za upotrebu i deca su bila odusevljena slicicama zivotinja i zvukovima. Za svaku preporuku 🙂

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Application Animals

Educational application for children aged 1 to 5 for learning animals.



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